Product Concept

Vegan Sandals or footwear usually means that it doesn’t contained any animal derived material.But in NODE perspective the most important thing is the spirit of sustainability and harmonization with nature.It have a basic principal everything grown from soil must decomposed to soil.

There are materials we use for -so called- “eternal” purpose like roads,bridges,buildings and there are materials we use for short cycle uses like packaging, clothes and footwear.

We refuse to use “marketing framing” for biodegradibilty and ecofriendly concept. What does biodegradibilty use if it only decomposed half?or spreading toxic to environment while decomposing.Many product mix organic materials with synthetic polymer or elastomer which almost imposible to decomposed properly.Or what does bio source and sustainability have any conscience meaning when deforestation happens.

The idealism of material design in urban context is urban farming.We think it is important for any short cycle product use all the components that can support urban farming.

Our product concept of Vegan sandals series is an idealist product,small idea in posmodern discourse.We hope we can share thought,hope about ecofriendly lifestyle.

We are passionate creating creative communities focused on products in the field like Footwear,Clothes,Furniture and Household which make the earth a sustainable colourful living place.

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