Why Footwears?

Most shoes out in the market today are made using a combination of different plastics stitched and glued in very
complicated ways making them very hard to recycle. An author of the National Geographic article said: “The limits
of plastic recycle are currently quite hard. It takes energy to collect the materials, remake them into their second
existence and in many cases, that second life is their last, so recycling extends the process but doesn’t solve the
underlying problem.”
We are joining the fight to reduce the amount of pollution caused by 20 billion shoes that go into landfill each year
and eliminate the problem of synthetic shoes, which can take up to 1000 years to break down and release
contaminants during the process.
NODE is committed to ensure all of our innovations will not add further damage to the environment –
even if they end up in landfills


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Why Footwears?