No Deforestation Vegan Sandals It's function as Fertilizer after use
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About NODE

• Established in 2020
• Vision: To fulfil the lifestyle needs of the cleared
land and stop deforestation
• Mission: To embark on research & business
activities simultaneously through the “learning
while earning” mindset, starting from utilising the
most abundant agriculture waste we have in this
region such as rice husk.
• Our Spirit: “All You Can Use Farming” materials
We use all non-food sources as raw materials
• Goal: To turn lifestyle garbage into soil nutrients

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How I Start NODE ?

Our unsolved problems : Unwearable since 2014,
we have the same problem ;

don’t know how to dispose our synthetic based products trash properly.


Concept : Node Biodegradable Products

Future projects: Single use plastic (water
resistant),house amenities, sanitary products.
Under 3 years to biodegrade: Mobile phone
casing, Bench rubber foam mat, Yoga mat, tyre,
Car carpet, footwear outsole and insole, Hotel
sandals, Slow release fertilizer.