No Deforestation Vegan Sandals It's function as Fertilizer after use

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Node is a Product design company focused on creating ecofriendly lifestyle.

We sell limited Product and use the fund for our continuous research in ecofriendly materials and Product.

when design means making friends,you,me and mother nature


Footprints-SOCK SANDAL for Man
Rp. 420.000,-


We inspired by our Asian ancestor footwear.It is made slim fit for the feet. It feels like wearing sock when it is used. We’re intepreting our ancestor philosophy in fashion design with the latest ecofriendly technology.

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Iconic-grippers for ladies
Rp. 799.000,-

Its a sandals for a lady with flat foot shape who need a gripper footwear so she can walk confidently without stumbling over. It is designed to adjust the body motion.

We design the sandals with an idea making a Herbs.

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